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Reef Coral Directional Sign
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Reef Coral Directional Sign

Product #: Size Price
9185-1070-50 19 x 13" (H) $20.00 USD $16.00 USD each
Reef Coral Wedding Reception And Ceremony Directional Road Signs
Reef Coral Wedding Reception And Ceremony Directional Road Signs
Reef Coral Wedding Reception And Ceremony Directional Road Signs
#9185-1070-50-c07 - Red
#9185-1070-50-c12 - Willow Green
#9185-1070-50-c27 - Watermelon
#9185-1070-50-c28 - Caribbean Blue
#9185-1070-50-c32 - Navy Blue
#9185-1070-50-c39 - Pecan Brown
#9185-1070-50-c56 - Copper Orange
#9185-1070-50-c95 - Berry
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ITEM # 9185-1070-50

Reef Coral Directional Sign

Help guests find their way. Use our Reef Coral Wedding Sign to mark the route to your Wedding and/or Reception. Includes 2 posters, mounting board, and wire stand. (Some assembly required).

Product Material:100lb paper
19 x 13" (H)
Includes 1 left and 1 right pointing poster, mounting board and wire stand.
100 lb cover stock

Personalized Directional Signs are a great way to direct your guests to your wedding ceremony or reception.

Assembly Instructions
PRODUCT Q&A (2 Q and A's)
Q: How does it stand, will it stand on its own?
A: The two metal rods are to be pushed into the ground to hold the sign up. If soft ground such as grass or dirt is not available, a container holding compact dirt could also work.
Q: Is the directional sign waterproof?
A: No it is not.

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